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I'm Yoshihiro Jinzaki, an accredited realtor, "Minpaku" manager, and founder of JIN'S・HOMES.  I started off my career selling over 200 investment properties in the greater Tokyo area, where I learned how untransparent the Japanese market was and how it was up to the realtor to execute a fair deal. That is when I decided to transfer to brokerage, where I could also serve housing purposes and choose the right deals to work on.


In the last few years before founding JIN'S・HOMES, I met a lot of foreigners seeking to purchase a second home in Tokyo and rent it out on short term (Airbnb) while away. However, there are very few realtors who understand the regulations on short term rental, and even fewer when it comes to those who speak English. 

JIN'S・HOMES has been founded for foreigners who seek to purchase a second home, invest, and double (or even triple) their returns on property investment in Japan. We are data driven and transparent with our property selection, and work with local professionals to  take off the burden of setting it up (purchasing, renovating, licensing, managing, etc.). 

We are confident  the short term rental (Airbnb) investment market will grow, as the government is declaring and funding projects to achieve 60 million inbound tourists by 2030 (approximately twice the record of pre-covid). We also believe in Japan's unique culture and abundant touristic resources across the country, but the lack of hotels (especially those which fulfill inbound needs) are serious. Work with us not only to take advantage of this great market, but also to design one of the best experiences in Japan!

Company Profile

Company            JIN'S・HOMES G.K.

President            Yoshihiro Jinzaki

Establishment             October 17th, 2023

Address               2-2-3F Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 231-0062

Telephone / Fax          +81-(0)45-550-5524 / +81-(0)45-330-5604

Corporate Real Estate License      Kanagawa Prefectural Governer (1) 32270

Minpaku Manager License       Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (1) F03160

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